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The Road to Medicare is paved with Confusion

Because Health Is your #1 Asset, You need to get this Right!

Allow us to  show you a path to Medicare that leaves you confident.  Whether it is        Medicare A & B, Advantage plans, Medicare Supplements, or Drug plans,

we have successfully identified client needs and solutions since 2003.


Do not get caught off-guard by life, or program changes you don't anticipate.  Allow us to "scout the horizon to keep you safe and moving forward."

And we offer periodic reviews, or mid-course corrections. 

If you are on Medicare already then request our White Paper #65.  If you are just ageing into Medicare, request our White Paper #64 on the GET IN TOUCH FORM below.

And if you are already a client, please ask your question.

Get In Touch

Contact Glenn Miller Insurance today!
We want to understand you, identify any unresolved issues, and together find solutions that assure your health going forward.  Your high trust level is what we strive for. Call, send us an email, or fill out a GET IN TOUCH form today with your questions.

2505 W. Thiers Dr.
Coeur d'Alene, ID  83815

541-941-3084 (OR) or 208-966-4299 (ID)

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